Baker’s Tip Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils

Baker’s Tips Heavy-duty Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils are a great aid in the kitchen; not only does it make cooking easier, but it also excels performance in the kitchen. In addition to the flawless construction, it includes a non-slip and soft-grip handle for better grasp and better results.  Baker’s Tip Kitchen Utensils have great quality and are sold at a competitive price.

Stainless Steel 9.6" Potato Presser

Stainless Steel 14" Slotted Spoon

Stock No. 2220-1218

Stock No. 2220-1213

Stainless Steel 13.8" Meat Fork

Stock No. 2220-1216

Stainless Steel 13.4" Spaghetti Server

Stock No. 2220-1212

Stainless Steel 13.4" Soup Ladle

Stainless Steel 12" Tongs

Stainless Steel 14" Solid Spoon

Stainless Steel 13.8" Slotten Turner

Stock No. 2220-1219

Stock No. 2220-1215

Stock No. 2220-1221

Stock No. 2220-1214

Stainless Steel 13.8" Solid Turner

Stock No. 2220-1220

Stainless Steel 12.6" Whisk

Stock No. 2220-1217

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