Baker’s Tip Glassware

Baker’s Tip Champagne and Wine Glass Sets are used to sip your drink while giving off an elegant look. These sets will be enrichment to your glassware.

4 Piece Crystal Champagne Glass (8oz)

4 Piece Crystal Wine Glass (20oz)

4 Piece Crystal Wine Glass (20oz)

Stock No. 3012-1122

Stock No. 3012-1123

Stock No. 1201-1106

Wine Decanter

3 Piece Layered Glass Jar

Baker’s Tip Wine Decantor is useful to separate a wine from any solid deposits collected in the bottle over the years. It is crystal clear for full wine color appreciation and sparkles like crystal but is lead-free.

Baker’s Tip 3 Piece Layered Glass Jar is a perfect answer for easy and safe kitchen storage. It is an easy and efficient space saver. It includes 3 stacking jars with lid. With Baker’s Tip Glass Jar you can store snacks such as candy, dried fruits or nuts.

Stock No. 3012-1124

Stock No. 3012-1125

Glass Cake Stand

Baker’s Tip Cake Stand is an exquisite piece. This beautiful cake stand has a glass footed platter. Its diameter is: (Top) 16 cm, (Bottom) 15cm, Height: 40cm

Stock No. 3012-1126

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