Baker's Tip Ceramic Knives

Baker’s Tip Ceramic Knives are an innovative technology. The Ceramic blade stays sharper for much longer than regular steel. Its light weight makes it easy to use. It’s perfect for cutting vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, etc.


Light Weight

Baker’s Tip ceramic knives are lighter compared to regular knives. This innovative knife is easy to use since the energy that is required when working with them is absolutely minimal.



Baker’s Tip ceramic knives are made from hardest known material. Durability is enhanced since they do not require to be frequently sharpened as they do not rust and do not easily get blunt.

No More Sharpening

The material from which Baker’s Tip knives are made from is ceramic. Our ultra-sharp advanced ceramic blade will retain its original sharpness up to 15 times longer than steel blades.


Easy to Clean

Baker’s Tip ceramic knives are very easy to clean as they are not easily affected by substances such as salts, acids and juices. These foods are known to cause stains on knives which makes it difficult to clean, however with ceramic knives, cleaning is very easy.

6" Ceramic Knife

Stock No. 2104-1306


5" Ceramic Knife

Stock No. 2104-1307


4" Ceramic Knife

Stock No. 2104-1308


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